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We mean its woven, coated, and the wood is grown in the USA, not just cut and stretched here. Ask around, and check our Yelp Reviews, even the filtered ones.  

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About Artist Brand Canvas

Artist Brand Canvas is a family owned
business, operating for over 43 years.
 Our production capabilities will
surely meet all your needs.

We guarantee all our pre stretched, regular and gallery wrapped canvases to be free of defects that could impact the quality of your painting.

"We make one product,
a thousand different ways."

Ask your canvas supplier
these questions!

  • Is your canvas made in the USA?
  • Is your canvas woven and primed in the USA?
  • Are the canvases machine made or hand stretched?
  • Are the staples galvanized?
  • Are the angles a perfect 90°?
  • Do they use splines in the canvas?
  • What wood is the frame made of?
  • Are the corners finger jointed?

Answers they should be giving to these important questions are below.
Don't believe everything you read on their website, check it out for yourself.

Our corners are hand folded:
Unlike machine-made canvases, all the corners on our canvases are hand folded on opposing sides. This technique eliminates having two folds on any one side, thus eliminating any chance of  binding when framing the painting.

Rust Free Galvanized Staples:
Every staple we use is galvanized, eliminating staple corrosion and any chance of rust forming. 

Perfect  90° Angles:
We use machinist accuracy in creating perfect 90° angles while assembling all our stretcher bars frames.

No Rubber or Vinyl Splines to worry about:
Our canvases do not use splines. Splines can pop out --which produces a loose canvas which will ultimately need re-stretching.

We use solid kiln-dried clear Sugar or Ponderosa Pine
No splinters, warping or comb joints.  Kiln dried means it contains no moisture and it remains straight. Beware of moist Douglas Fir that splinters and might warp.

Our edge wrapped canvases have finger jointed corners.

Ponderosa Pine is one of the most widely distributed pines in western North America.
More info on forest renewability.
All woods shrink and swell to some degree as their moisture content fluctuates with atmospheric conditions. However, Ponderosa is relatively unaffected by changes in humidity after drying, making it valuable for work that requires close-fitting joints. It has a uniform cell structure and shrinks only a moderate amount, in comparison to other softwood species. It seasons beautifully with minimal splitting, cupping, or warping.

All products used in Artist Brand Canvases are made or grown (wood) in the USA.
Our canvas is also woven and primed in the USA.

We also stretch oil paintings, prints and giclée. 


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Specializing in custom size pre stretched, large size pre stretched, edge staple pre stretched,
edge wrapped pre stretch, any size pre stretched,  Gallery Wrapped Hand Stretched Pre Stretched, Edge Gallery Deep Edge Wrapped and Edge Stapled Canvas and Giclee: Artist Brand Canvas is the best pre stretched hand stretched canvas company in business today.
We also sell photographer's canvas backdrops - We also sell wholesale. 100% made in the USA, Family Owned